Where Does the Hallway End & the Restroom Begin? Footnotes

How close is too close? If the shadow changes in the hallway when the light comes on, is that still part of the public restroom?

U2, Please 1997. Off of their 1997 album, Pop. One of my favorite albums by them. Very personal and emotional. One of their most Christian themed lyrics as well. I was first introduced to U2 in the mid-80's when my older brother begged me to get their "Under A Blood Red Sky (Live)" cassette for him as a Christmas gift. I had no idea who or how big they were. When someone asks me for something and says Please, I oblige, even if they don't know where the treat comes from.

Yes, Leave It 1983. I found Yes because of the MTV video for this song. I watched it over and over. Magical to say the least (for it's time anyway). After more thought, I probably should have left the itemĀ on the floor.

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