Shirtless Guy Footnotes

Is it weird if the neighborhood kids shout in disgust when I check the mail shirtless?

Chewbacca, Star Wars 1977. If it wasn't for my nickname of "Gong Show" as a kid, it would have been Chewbacca...pretty close to what I look like without a shirt.

As mentioned in the "What's in the Box" Footnotes: Seinfeld, "The Gymnast" NBC Ep. 131. Aired Nov 3. 1994. The line is not as clear for George and the eclair. My inspiration for eating out of the trash can. This is the same episode that George reveals that he removes his shirt when going the bathroom. This episode is so me. I eat food out of the trash and well, I am usually shirtless when I go #2. (See Shirtless Guy story)


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