What's in the Box? Footnotes

What's the line on eating out of the trash can? Above the rim, below the rim, or not at all?

Level 42, Something About You 1985. A love song for sure, but I hear it in my head every time I see cake.

King's X, It's Love 1990. I listened to this album and the late 80's stuff from King's X all through college. Best three-piece band out there (yes, better than Rush....start the haters).

Weird Al" Yankovic, Eat It 1984. He had some great parodies. This one fits me to the tee. So many times I see food in the trash and I sing "Eat It".

Seinfeld, "The Gymnast" NBC Ep. 131. Aired Nov 3. 1994. The line is not as clear for George and the eclair. My inspiration for eating out of the trash can. This is the same episode that George reveals that he removes his shirt when going to the bathroom. This episode is so me. I eat food out of the trash and well, I am usually shirtless when I go #2. (See Shirtless Guy story)


Seven 1995. Gluttony is featured in this film, but more of a shout-out for the "what's in the box" line. This time it wasn't a head, just a cake.


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