I Floated One in the Tub Footnotes

When the story unfolds and bath time is not private like it should be, I think of my favorite bathing song from Sesame Street....

Rubber Duckie, Sesame Street, 1970. I found out two things that night. One, Rubber Duckies are not brown. Two, Rubber Duckies aren't the only thing that float in a tub.

I watched Sesame Street as a toddler along with The Muppet Show. I enjoyed the two old hecklers, "Statler and Waldorf" the most. My brother and I have turned into a combination of both of them as I get older. My youngest child mimics Dr. Bunsen Honeydew from the early episodes as well (always creating, always curious in the sciences).

Why did I get spanked? In 6th grade, my friend and I were throwing snow balls at the building and watching them explode (which also kept another student from exiting the building for fear that we would throw them at him). We were told by the principal earlier in the day not to throw snowballs on school property. The next morning, I was called down to the office. During morning announcements, I was spanked for insubordination. I kept back the tears and returned to class. "Where were you?" asked the kid beside me. "In the office," I said. "Yeah, we could hear the swat of the paddle and then a 'YEOW!' over the speaker," he jokingly said. Oh well, not my best moment. Last time I got spanked though.

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