Breakfast Club without Judd Nelson Footnotes

When you actually read it for the articles but still get sent to the principals office, it's hard to explain to your mother what you said that earned you a Saturday School detention.

Gandalf, The Lord of the Rings 2001-2003 and Troll dolls 1959. The art teacher may have had slightly less facial hair but she could be a stunt double for either Gandalf or a Troll Doll in the 80's. She would have cast a spell on me if she could have. She retired shortly after that incident and I got along with the new art teacher so much more.


The Breakfast Club 1985 and Simple Minds, Don't You (Forget About Me) 1985. In my top 3 all-time 80's comedies, I saw a little of my personality in each of the three main characters: I had a mullet, was nerdy and wore wrestling shoes (but didn't actually wrestle). I married a girl that was a blend of shy and princess. Judd Nelson wasn't there though when I went to my Saturday School.


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