The Biggest Box in 5th Grade Footnotes

What's worse than the boss making a faux pas during your DARE graduation? Me making a bigger faux pas.

Led Zeppelin, Ramble On 1969. A good friend of mine (his mother made the best Spaghetti Sauce) introduced me to Led Zeppelin. He played their sophomore release all the time in his truck. We listened to Houses of the Holy cassette while playing ping pong in my basement. I would play Physical Graffiti after mowing my yard just to relax. My first album was the Zoso album (#4). Led Zep and Floyd are my top two bands of the 70's. If I could just learn to not ramble on after I say the wrong thing.

Easy, Commodores/Lionel Richie 1977. I'm more of a Lionel fan than Commodores. He wrote some great hits throughout my childhood. I prefer Faith No More's straightforward version but that's only because I leaned a little more rock-heavy as a grew older in my youth. Public speaking has gotten easier as I get older, but it still wasn't easy after I said she had the biggest box in 5th grade.

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