Footnotes for Introduction to Business & Police:

The Cars, Drive 1984. A number 1 hit in the US, they have a ton of great hits. While travelling, I will ask my kids who the band is when they are on the radio. I giggle when they can't answer. I say, "Cars" and then explain how ironic it is that we are in a car while "The Cars" are on the radio, especially if this song is playing while we are actually driving.

Billy Joel, Piano Man 1973. Another shout-out to my favorite Piano maestro. In college, I Uber'ed a piano tuner that was blind enough that he could not drive himself. He would read the address on a piece of paper 1 inch from his eyes and then tell me how to get there like a real live GPS in 1992. Crazy but fun, I would do homework while he pinged the keys one-by-one. His apartment looked like a hoarders home, but I don't blame him ... he couldn't see the mess. He was such a nice older gentleman, I couldn't bear to tell him.

Timbuk 3, The Future's So Bright 1986. Almost a one-hit wonder. Great song, "crazy" lyrics, especially the extra verse on their EP Looks Like Dark to Me.

Corey Hart, Sunglasses at Night 1984. So many Corey's in the 80's, this one can actually sing.

Miami Vice, NBC 1984-1989. Second reference to this great show. See Intro to Youth and College.

The Police 1977-1986. Ironic really. I'm a police officer, I like The Police. Before I was a police officer, this is one of the bands I would listen to repeatedly on our weekend drives to my youth ministry job 2 hours away. 

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