Hold On To Your Nuggets Footnotes

A crowded public place, and my 8 year old screams, "Hold on to your nuggets" (again). My life can only go downhill from here right?

Star Trek 1966-1969. My youth is filled with space fantasy. I once piled boxes around me like a cockpit, drew gauges and buttons on all of them and spent days pretending I was flying to Mars. My co-pilot was the same best friend from the "I'm not ready" and "Ewww Game" stories. Playing astronaut was a nice break from throwing his sister's underwear at him and peeing out of his second story bedroom window.

Winger, Miles Away 1990. A second reference to one of the great superbands of the 80's/90's. This song was one of their biggest hits coming off of their sophomore release. At my age though, their song "Seventeen" is a little weird when I am screaming the lyrics while driving down the road...

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